Wilcom is very popular software for Embroidery Digitizing but it’s really worth for common man for buy it but there are also crack file i will give you download link blow and also I m going to tell you how to install it let’s start.


1.How to install.

first you have to open folder name “Wilcom 2006 Work”.

2.Run the setup .

3.After restart cancel dongle error and open folder named SP4_r2.

4.Run the setup.

5.After restart open folder named “New crack 2”.

6.Now you have to install registry keys one by one you just have to run and click on “Yes” and wait for “Ok” option. Install  “DTABLE”.

7.Install “ETABLE”.

8.Install “MEMORY”.

9.Install”MK-18.0.2″when you install this registry key then you have to wait for 5 or 7 minutes for OK option.

10.Now double click on setup named “install” and first click on”Yes”and 2nd click on”NO”and repeat this for 4 times when you complete this click on”Yes”and again”Yes” after you complete this setup wait for 5 minutes and open Wilcom..

This was the complete guidelines for installing Wilcom 2006. I hope this is going to help you thanks for your time.

Click here for download Wilcom 2006 Work.